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Crewtags: personalised luggage tags

As anyone who has flown by air knows, it is essential to have personalised luggage tags.
If you're flight crew or cabin crew, crew tags identify your luggage to other crew, ground staff, passengers and baggage handlers.
Not only do personalised luggage tags identify baggage as yours onboard, at security or in the crew room, a crewtag also helps trace you in the event of luggage being lost.
Start personalising your crew tag now
Crew bag labels and personalised luggage tags
Passenger with luggage

Personalised passenger luggage tags

Bags get lost in transit. Fact.
Bag tags on the inside AND outside of your case can assist in identifying your luggage. TSA requirements when travelling in the United States say you should have luggage tags with your name and telephone number on all bags, including any carry-on bags.
In addition, they also recommend having luggage tags on the inside, should anything happen to the labels on the outside.
That's why we always recommend buying 2 tags.

The increasing lost luggage problem

More passengers than ever are flying.
An article in the Daily Telegraph shows the enormity of problems some airlines are facing. The article goes on to conclude that if luggage is to be placed in the hold of an aircraft, it is worth having identification inside, as well as on the outside of your bags.
Personalised luggage tags from can help you avoid the misery of standing, waiting and not getting your bags back on the carousel.
Personalised luggage tags help prevent lost luggage